Net worth update November 2014 +5.04% (22.23% ytd)

November was a particularly good month in terms of performance as both the share markets recovered from the September and October slump and additional cash came in from the business venture. So overall the net worth target for the year was achieved (R4m), hopefully December continues to play ball from a markets perspective and doesn’t drag us back below the goal. Total net worth now at R4.04m ($365k).

So overall, due to the cash in from the business, savings for the month was at ~80%! and around 55% for the year to date so far of take-home income. So for the monthly increase, bit more than half related to additional savings and the rest from the improvement in the share market. The problem now is that we have a bit too much cash that hasn’t been invested – will look to put a decent amount of cash into local and international shares in the coming weeks before year-end.





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