April 2017 Net worth

Starting to feel like an expat now! April has been an interesting month, the currency has been fluctuating quite wildly due to political risk changes, the downgrade of the country from investment to speculative grade and all the volatility that goes with it. Despite this our net worth has still been doing well, mainly because we’ve diversified across geographies now so if currency movements happen we come out ahead in rands and hedged on hard currencies.

More importantly is the effect of all this on the psyche, hence my opening comment on feeling like an expat. Starting to move away from being emotionally attached to a market and rather looking at pure investment fundementals. This has always been an issue with home-bias affecting one’s investments. It is also the reason for not being overexposed to local circumstances as we already have a property, jobs etc here.

In terms of figures, most of the increase in net worth came from increases in share values (non rand shares) and savings.





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