This is Joe @ SARetire. I’m looking to become financially independent (FI) / retire as soon as possible. By this I mean that the money I have in investments and savings can generate a passive income in excess of my expenses. Why should you care? You get to do whatever you want when you’re FI!

What have I done? My FI journey has taken me across multiple business-related industries in my quest. Through private equity where we’re looking to buy great businesses and work with some of the most successful world-class management teams, to running my own Tech business. Over and above I invest my own capital for growth.

My FI plan is through the following 3 methods:

1. Earn the best return on my investments (choosing shares/businesses and sectors wisely, speculating when neccessary, taking the right risks, property and cash investments)

2. Increase my income (new businesses, raises, career growth, education, passive income from investments)

3. Manage my expenses (low debt, reduce lifestyle inflation, investing 100% of bonusses, channeling expenses to things I care about (like family and vacations) not cars and insurance).

This blog tracks my journey to reaching my financial goals and to get/provide some insight into the best ways of doing so. It is a journey and little changes help- I know the destination but the path taken will never be direct!


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