The investment holdco

Critical to wealth building is the concept of your own investment holding company. Whether it is or isnt an actual company, the concept is the same. I like to think of it as income from multiple sources paying your expenses. Eventually it can be enough to cover your expenses, and then grow it far beyond that should you wish.

I track my thoughts around the performance of our own Holdco, by assessing net worth, as well as income earned from it. Income is a combination of dividends and interest from shares, reits, prefs, and fixed deposits.

The list of updates are here below:

Networth update February 2018

Networth update April 2017

2016 is done

November 2016

Financial update August 2016

May 2015

November 2014

October net worth update 

Net worth update August 2014

Net worth update July 2014 

Net worth update June 2014 

Net worth May 2014

Net worth update (April 2014)

April 2014 progress