New business

Critical to any new business idea needs to be the concept that it wont require me to be present on a day to day basis or even at all. Strategic direction is fine but key man dependency is undesirable.

I want a business to function, I may have a role in the org but it needs to be replaceable by another employee with suitable skills. Also I cannot be the CEO/MD since then I’m unable to get out.

Perhaps while the business is small and starting say in property I could manage them until they reach scale. The plan though needs to be to reach scale as quickly as possible. It also requires to put in my capital into a business that exhibits good steady margins and cash flow. Hence acquiring an existing business is preferable. Or just stick with property rentals…


November 2016 net worth update (+0.74%) 50.37% ytd

That’s not me kite-surfing, although I wish it were!


November’s increase was pretty non-descript. The majority of the increase came through an increase in cash savings getting us up to the R8.7m ($626k) mark in investment assets. Still hope we can push through December and get to the R9m mark.

Savings wise it wasn’t a bad month, we didn’t have any large expenses although as per the graph below you can see we were a bit above our average. Pretty standard month also on the earnings side.

I’m enjoying see the average expenses and 4% Safe Withdrawal rate lines converging steadily, particularly after our big boost earlier in the year.

Perhaps 2017 will be the year of the crossover?



Till next time, 2016 is a wrap!

Selling items for cash

Been trying to decide whether one should sell ones old posessions. Im not one for haggling, so have generally just given items away to the needy.

But think I’ll try getting some value for old stuff. Things like:
.squash racquets
.old laptop
.old games
.camping chairs
.computer peripherals

Have a look if cash crusaders or through gumtree. Lets see what happens.